CONNECT. Transitive verb

To unite or to put in contact two or more things so that between them a relation or a communication is established.



Practice and methodological theory detected for the first time in the creative laboratories of ØNIRICA Production. It’s unknown if everyone who applies the theory is able to develop their skills or – if rather – it depends on a certain genetic load that is still under study.

The connectology [according to definition of ØNIRICA] is that facility to detect needs and -for some skills impossible to classify yet- always find a connecting point and a solution and / or opportunity for that person, organization or company, always yielding positive results for all the parts.



Coming from the Conectología.

That expert character that we all want in our team, who will do everything possible to connect needs with opportunities.

With clever behavior and a better sense of smell than an elephant, these experts – almost taken from magical stories – have a great social life and a better network of contacts, as well as a somewhat mutated DNA, worthy of observation due to its infinite cerebral and corporal activity.